Consolidating school distrcts

These risks include increased school segregation; the loss of a common, secular educational experience; and the possibility that the flow of inexperienced young teachers filling the lower-paying jobs in private schools will dry up once the security and benefits offered to more experienced teachers in public schools disappear.

Think of how many boundary fights there have been when just small pockets of homes wished to change districts, often for good reasons.

As originally conceived by Milton Friedman (1955), the purpose of vouchers is to break the “monopoly” of public schooling and extend families’ school choices for their children to include private education.

Friedman, and voucher advocates more generally, argue that an education market that includes private schools competing on a financially level playing field with public schools, can deliver schooling more cheaply and satisfy consumer needs more effectively because private education is more efficient than public.

And of course, the more departments and divisions there are, the more demands on Illinois' money pool. But budgetary considerations aren't the only benefit to unit districts.

It's likely one reason we're not renowned for fiscal security. A continuity of educational goals and programs from elementary through secondary schools would also seem to be a positive.

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