Most intimidating mascot

Looking not unlike George Clooney on performance-enhancing drugs, the Spartan warrior casts a striking seven foot figure on the sidelines.

Intimidating though it might have been to the competition, this Bucky was retired to a nearby zoo before his rookie season was through. Tomar Admittedly, Bucky Badger looks like something fished out of Jim Henson’s attic and it would be terrifying to run into anybody with a head that large in a darkened alleyway. When feeling ornery, the image has been known to lace up a pair of boxing gloves. Beginning life as an angry-looking cartoon badger in the 1930s, the Wisconsin mascot is frequently pictured in a red and white striped sweater.(By the by, that needlessly confusing word is pronounced “Yoo-Dee”).Legend has it that Yo UDee’s great-great-great grandfather served in the American Revolutionary War alongside the second company of the 1st Delaware Regiment.

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Included are the mascots for the entire field of the 2014 NCAA Tournament and the four #1 seeds of the 2014 tourney – Arizona’s Wildcat, Florida’s Gator, Wichita State‘s Shocker (! A wildcat, shocker, alligator and a cavalier walk into bar. If I knew absolutely nothing about college basketball and was picking on mascots alone – I would probably think the #8 seed would be the favorites.

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