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Charlie Chaplin pictured with one of his many wives, Lita Grey.In his new book, biographer Peter Ackroyd describes Chaplin as 'incorrigible in making advances to female stars'.The houses and tenements were bursting with people, so women and children spent much of their time on the streets.One of these children was Charlie — born in April 1889 to a part-Romany music-hall singer called Hannah Chaplin.

Determined to be the centre of attention, he’d mime the parts of a bull and matador or dance with invisible balloons.

A quiet wedding was arranged at the home of the local registrar, and he took Mildred home to a leased house, described by one of her friends as a ‘symphony in lavender and ivory, exquisite in every detail’.

Soon, the new Mrs Chaplin was indeed carrying his child.

But a year after the birth, he walked out — probably because he suspected Hannah of infidelity — leaving her and the boys to lead an impoverished existence.

Charlie later confessed that his mother had many subsequent affairs.

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