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Saying no to them is a reminder that you have the power.When you say no, you are setting a boundary, which then has to be enforced.They do not need to know your reasoning or every thought.Children will often ask why or why not, not just to understand, but in order to come up with their own counter-argument.Children are, for the most part, takers, and will continue to take as much as they are allowed to.With a firm, loving hand, you can guide them to becoming more of a giver while gaining more confidence in yourself and your parenting decisions.It may seem uncomfortable at first, especially if you are a non-confrontational person or people pleaser, but it will get easier.When saying no to your child, resist the urge to explain yourself.

There are two types of people in the world, the givers and the takers.

You Queen (How to Stop Being a Pushover and Take Back Control of Your Life) Life’s How You Live It (4 Signs Your Being Too Nice is Hurting You) Oprah (Stop Being a Pushover!

I like to do things for other people, because seeing them happy makes me happy.

If you are too patient with a child’s bad behavior and don’t reinforce punishments, you’ve crossed over into pushover territory.

This is especially detrimental when your spouse does the opposite and is the strict enforcer of rules.

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Have patience, but be firm and immovable in your ‘no’ and they will eventually come to accept, and respect, your decision.

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