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We through our arms around each other in a tight bear hug.Effortlessly I picked her off the floor and spun us around in a circle, all the while both of us telling the other how much we love and missed each other. " The drive to my grandparents place took almost an hour and a half to complete, so we used that time to catch up on everything.The sky all around was bright blue as my plane glided over California's San Joaquin Valley, heading smoothly toward the airport in Fresno.That's where my mother, Karen, was going to pick me up. I'm twenty-two years old, stand five-ten in my bare feet, and weigh in the one-sixty range.Of coarse, being in my dress uniform didn't help much either.I made my way to the luggage carousel and waited till I saw my duffel bag come around, snatched it up and went looking for mom in the terminal lobby.

Getting up, I went to the fridge and got us both another beer.

After we separated, she placed her palm on the side of my face and said, "I've missed you so much Mikey." That's what she like to call me. I let her know that I had ninety days to decide about re-enlisting before losing rank.

She informed me that her parents weren't at the farm.

They had to go to a dear friends funeral on the other side of the country, and wanted her there just to protect the place.

She said her parents didn't grow anything any more, so there really wasn't much to do around the place.

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