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Later he attended Indiana University, graduating with a degree in apparel merchandising and a minor in costume construction.

Given all the fashion-blog-to-book deals we’ve seen in the past few years, it’s a little surprising that Garance Doré is only just publishing her first book, though she’s been blogging for almost a decade.

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But looking through Love Style Life, out Tuesday from Spiegel & Grau, it’s clear that she took a bit more care before jumping into the world of print publishing.

The substantial salmon paperback contains Doré’s musings on careers, weight, and relationships as well as fashion and beauty — the same relatable mix she’s pioneered on her site.

You’re busy trying to get good grades, learn how to live on your own, make great friends, figure out who you are, etc, etc, and all the while, your comfort zone that you lived happily inside all through high school is rapidly spreading, maybe faster than you want it to.

Expanding your comfort zone is hard, but necessary. Sure, it’s the best years of your life, but it’s some of the hardest too.

Either way, I hope that these lessons I learned in my first year are helpful to you. Be yourself, as hard as that can sometimes be, and people will love you for who you are. In your first few months, try not to get all stressed about living sitches, focus on school and friends. Doré spoke to the Cut about how Fashion Week magnifies everyone’s insecurities, ending her relationship with fellow blogger Scott Schuman, and the importance of writing something longer than an Instagram caption.Like the blog, the book features a variety of women, from jewelry designer Lara Melchior to fashion director Marina Larroude.

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So for goodness sake don’t get yourself caught up in a plan for next year in late September: chances are you’ll meet someone else you want to room with!

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