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Jeanette Aw works the pole27 August 2010SINGAPORE: A lone woman dances suggestively in the smoky bar.

The strobe lights punctuate her every sensuous movement with a flash, her lithe form moving to the beat of "Buttons" by the Pussycat Dolls.

I am still aware of when I am like that," said the actress with a smile.- CNA Source : Jeanette Aw dating Joshua Ang?

Source : Channel News Asia27 December 2010SINGAPORE: Caldecott princess Jeanette Aw is reportedly in a relationship with former Media Corp actor Joshua Ang, who is ten years her junior.

He even booked a private room at the Equinox in order to keep their relationship away from the media spotlight.

He only revealed that his current focus is on his business and his intentions to work overseas as he does not want his career to be affected by the rumours.

She also added that she would not avoid Ang because of the rumours.- CNA/fa(霹雳・太平27日讯)以《小娘惹》电视连续剧受到影迷欢迎的欧萱,今日与剧组人员拉队到太平保阁亚三拍摄新剧,吸引市民围观,并争相和她合照。 欧萱此次参与开拍的新剧取名《断掌的女人》,预料会在7月间播放。 剧组人员将在太平进行8天的拍摄工作,今早是在保阁亚三新村巴刹拍摄;为了顺利进行拍摄,也劳动警方把巴刹前路段暂时封锁。 在拍摄工作进行时,吸引公众围观,一些粉丝更趁休息时间与欧萱合照留念。Source: Edited by ~*~Marz~*~, - PM.

Source : xinmsn.com24/4/2011Highly-tipped to be a hot favourite candidate for the Best Actress award category for Star Awards 2011, though Jeanette Aw might have missed out bagging the coveted trophy, the cheery lass is no sore loser.

Describing herself as a 'practical' woman, her partner's maturity is the main criteria on her checklist."I can then depend on him and be able to confide in him.

Hence, I'm more acceptable of a relationship with a much older guy," she laughed.

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