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Farrell and Forrest had been dating for about a year, and had a seemingly low-key relationship.claims that Emma was very hurt that Colin didn’t thank her when he won the Golden Globe last month, but I don’t know. Colin Farrell is single and free to hell-raise once more again after finishing his latest relationship.Emma has been a steadying influence and they have hit it off big time.They have spent months trying to keep the relationship under wraps because they are falling madly in love.’ Farrell’s image of lothario came into serious question as he dated Irish university student Muireann Mc Donnell for two years before Emma.Colin Farrell has revealed he hasn't had a date in four years and cites his two young sons and a passion for yoga to explain his lack of love life.

On the seemingly casual union, Warner explained: "We had a ceremony on a beach in Tahiti that was by no means legal and we knew it wasn't... Atkins recalled how he turned up at her hotel room and even offered to read the actress's book to her in bed. She claims the pair discussed settling down and having children together until he broke up with her out of the blue.

Forrest became embroiled in a tough tactical battle and the fight was level after the regulation four minutes and moved into ‘golden score’ time.

Griffiths made the mistake of over-rotating whilst going for a throw and was handed a penalty disqualification that put Forrest into the final against her rival Darcie Hancocks of Hardy Spicer Judo Club.

But London-born Emma confirmed the split to American magazine In Touch.

An insider told the publication that Emma felt slighted by her famous boyfriend when he failed to thank her during his Golden Globes speech last month.

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