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Avira – Avira makes up the final leg of the free anti-virus triumvirate.It’s a halfway house between the other two, more lightweight than AVG, but with better detection rates than Avast. All the paid and free programs listed above have been made compatible with Windows 10, and they will all disable Windows Defender once installed. Have you decided to place your faith in the default Microsoft product, or did you immediately install a third-party tool? He was formerly the Creative Editor and Finance Editor.

The start-up impact is massive and it’s frequently outperformed by other products in performance tests. The basic scan feature is solid, fast, and lightweight – but be warned, they have introduced a phenomenal number of nag screens and pop-ups in the last 18 months.

You could spend a long time scouring various anti-virus testing sites like AV Comparatives, but in truth there is very little to choose between the market leaders in terms of performance.

Some of the best paid options include: Webroot – Webroot is extremely lightweight (the program is just 2.1 MB large), it uses no more than 3 percent of your computer’s resources, it has no pop-ups, and it has no add-ons.

This is intentional and comes back to Microsoft’s policy of attempting to make sure you always have some basic cover.

If you install a third party anti-virus program, Windows Defender will be disabled automatically. If you’re adamant that you want to stay with Windows Defender and take advantage of the benefits listed above, you at least need to supplement it with some additional protections.

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