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For many sexual minority students, however, schools are unsafe and survival, not education, is the priority.Indeed, these students are among the most vulnerable students in middle level and high schools.Many youth who recognize that they are gay or lesbian do not engage in sex, and questioning or heterosexual youth may have sex with a person of the same gender without becoming a sexual minority adult.Deciding whether to come out, and whom to come out to first, can be an extremely painful process.LGBT students, however, are often denied such support because they are afraid of being misunderstood or rejected by their family, friends, and teachers.The instinct for many is to hide their identity, which deepens their sense of confusion, isolation, and self-doubt.

A study conducted by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Educators Network (GLSEN) examined 42 of the largest school districts in the country and found that almost half received a failing grade when it came to creating a positive climate for sexual minority students (GLSEN, 1999).Adolescence can be a stressful period for any youth because of tremendous physical, psychological, and cognitive changes.Discovering one's sexual identity is an important and sometimes confusing part of this development.Many schools-even those that have safe school programs in place-fail to recognize sexual minority students-assume that heterosexuality is the norm, and do not address stressors that affect the safety and education of LGBT students.These practices have a negative effect on students and significant legal and financial implications for school districts. Constitution, all students are entitled to equal protection under the law.

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