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If you are coming from the many links to this page on the internet, or if you are arriving from this very site, you have reached one of the most popular pages on my web site.

This is because there is a great interest in knife parts, designs, components, anatomy, and terms, and a lot of confusion, misinformation and mistakes in knife terminology exist on the web.

I mostly deal with Nihonto (Japanese swords) these days, but still have a great Damascus knife collection. I do not claim any elitist title, degree, or qualifications for naming and describing these terms, only my thirty years experience as a professional custom knifemaker.

So there simply is that the hidden tang is even comparable in blade-to-handle strength to the full tang.Over 450 different patterns can be seen on my Patterns page, and the Featured Knife pages describe hundreds of individual knives.I'll continue to expand this page, the definitions, descriptions, illustrations, photographs, and terminology as time permits, adding new styles and arrangements.You might read elsewhere on the internet that it is debatable whether the full tang or the hidden tang is stronger. The full tang has full thickness across the width of the blade at the most critical area, in front of and behind the front bolster location.On a hidden tang, this is where the blade is ground down and reduced in size and thickness to a shoulder (below).

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