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Follow the provided instructions, print, sign and file with the court. Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage for teenagers.

9: A 27-year-old Beaumont, Texas man has been arrested for federal violations in the Eastern District of Texas announced U. One man was killed and another was injured following a head-on crash Feb.Approximately 2 out of 5 teen car crashes occur between 9 PM and 6 AM, so many states have enacted curfews to prevent teens from driving during the overnight hours.Restrictions on night driving may reduce teen car crashes by 19 percent.Their brains aren't yet fully developed and they're more likely to take risks, become distracted, and make mistakes.As a way to help teens slowly gain driving responsibilities one step at a time, states adopted graduated license programs.

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Research shows many parents aren't good at teaching kids to become safe drivers.

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