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While we harbor no disrespect for the Wall Street Journal who called us “that scrappy little paper from Southeast Texas,” we prefer to think of ourselves as simple seekers of the truth.We’re of the opinion that headlines and sound bites never tell the whole story.Each state determines what hours to restrict teens from driving.So while Alabama doesn't allow newly licensed teens to drive between midnight and 6 AM, North Carolina doesn't allow them to drive between 9 PM and 5 AM.5 on I-10 westbound about a mile east of the community of Roanoke, Louisiana State Police Sgt. Content note: photo of dead child Galveston police released autopsy results and a photo of the dead boy found on the beach last October on Jan.30 in a push to identify the body, the department said in a release.Once your teen has a learner's permit, don't think of yourself as a passenger when your teen is behind the wheel. Help your teen learn to recognize potential safety issues while driving.Give instructions to help your teen improve and provide plenty of feedback—both positive and negative.

Mark Avery Rudd was arrested today pursuant to a criminal complaint issued by the U. District Court charging him with possession of an unregistered destructive device.Each state has different laws about learner's permits and how many hours a teen needs to be behind the wheel.Take those laws seriously and make sure you're helping your teen gain the experience he needs to become a safe driver.While a lack of sleep impairs everyone's performance, studies show sleep deprivation takes the most serious toll on teens.Teens are more likely to make errors when driving later into the evening.

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