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” Even famous people, apparently, can’t see past each other’s fame.) He took an apprentice-like role in Margin Call, a portentous high-finance-in-crisis drama starring Jeremy Irons, Paul Bettany, and Kevin Spacey at their most robustly Shakespearean (and has a grim-sounding, apocalyptic indie drama called Parts Per ­Billion coming up next).He played some music with some friends in a Williamsburg band called Reputante and joined a retreat to the mountains of Colombia to meet local shamans.He wanted to be an “artist,” he said, but found himself “on a fucking TV show” instead, and wondered, often enough, What the fuck am I doing?In a world of anodyne actors programmed for sunny evasion, his self-alienation is appealing, if maybe not entirely relatable, coming from such a pretty face.The family lived outside of Richmond, Virginia, for a while, then moved around the country a lot.“I still can’t really figure all that out,” Badgley says.

And, for a CW star keen to be seen more as an artist and heir to the counterculture, doubly irresistible.

(“We’d known each other for years, but not well,” he explains.

“I think we’d both assumed the worst of each other, you know what I mean?

By the sofa is an art book called Carnival Strippers, next to Richard Heinberg’s The End of Growth and a glass jar full of tiny colorful plastic airplanes. I mean, all of my friends live very much the way I do except for the fact that they have no money, you know what I mean? I mean, those six people—why do they even keep hanging out? So you start to figure out these asinine ways to keep them all together. I cannot do this anymore.” That the disposable ironic escapism of TV does not appeal to Badgley is one reason why he plays sensitive petulance so well.

Suspended from one wall is a digital projector to watch movies through the Play Station (they don’t have a TV). We all hang out, we do the same things, we all live in a similar way, and I happen to have this massive, beautiful apartment.” I ask him about the show that got him that apartment—the series took a couple of especially shark-jumpy turns in those last few seasons, which Badgley annotated with eyerolls to the press, even as the episodes unfolded. That has been my problem with television—you start with something real, and it eventually becomes, against all odds, How do these six people still hang out every day? Eventually, you have this group of kids circumventing the FBI, dealing with ghosts. “It’s not to discredit whatever success I have, but right now being famous, being successful, whatever, it exists in this giant gray area.” Besides, he knows he’s “not that big” (though don’t tell that to the CW demo).

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