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I understood the pressures of what he was going through. How do you go about dealing with those topics sensitively both on set and for audiences?

This pressure of trying to have a summer love affair, even though he doesn't totally connect to it but it was what was expected of him, and the pressure and expectations of trying to please everybody. I wrote it at a period of my life where there was so much pressure to make another movie and make a certain amount of money per year and balance all of these things, and I feel like that's very much in the character. Hittman: Well, there was a lot of nudity in the film and I asked for everything up front and was very clear about what our expectations were from him, but I also said that it would all be done very, very tastefully.

At once lo-fi and sophisticated, the film was shot by French DP Hélène Louvart with an extremely bare-bones 16mm setup that gives it a raw, grainy feel.

But its script and acting are far more nuanced and substantive than in a typical teen movie.

I asked her, "How does Larry Clark approach sexual content? It's like, 'You do it or you're not in the movie.'" For me, it's just about treating it like choreography and not forcing them to do it until the camera is rolling, so you’re just going through the choreography of the scene.

Those are just teenager things, and this kid who doesn't know how to articulate what he's feeling became the tension of the dialogue.

I think once you begin writing and find the voice of the character, it becomes very easy to predict what they will do.

NFS: Right, but it still felt so male and so much about masculinity. Hittman: It's not something that was so researched.

, the project was dismissed out of hand as “the one with all the gay sex.” Fortunately for audiences, Hittman persisted in getting the honest, beautiful, and at times, uncomfortable, film made with nontraditional casting and a DIY ethos, resulting in a piece that had Sundance buzzing and landed her with a Neon distribution deal and a Directing Award at the prestigious festival. The latter is a coming-of-age film about a teenage girl navigating a complicated sexual awakening, and the new film is about a teenage boy torn between the urge to fit the mold of his South Brooklyn peers—spending the summer partying and making out with girls—and his curiosity about sex with older men.

This tension creates an almost triple life, each part of which is hidden from the other: a typical teen bro in a straight summer romance; a young, gay man trolling the internet for hookups, and a son dealing with his dying father’s in-home hospice.

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