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" End Sub Sub Copy Info() On Error Go To Err_Execute Sheet1.

As explained by Michael Alexander, author of several books on business analysis with Access and Excel, in Excel Trick’s Ankit Kaul mentions how blank rows can make your life painful if, for example, you’re planning to import an Excel worksheet into other applications, such as Access.

Also, since I know that there are many other ways to approach the problem, I encourage you to share your knowledge and experience in the comments at the end of this post.

Let’s get started by taking a look at the sample data that I use to illustrate how to delete blank rows or rows with empty cells in Excel quickly and easily by using macros…

To top it off, your Internet connection is not working properly so you won’t be able to replace the data (by getting it from Google Finance) on time before your boss’ meeting.

After going to the desk of the co-worker who accidentally deleted the data and yelling at him, you go back to your cubicle. For example, you ask yourself: If you know the range in which you want to search for blank cells and, based on that result, delete whole rows, the macro below (suggested by rs2k at Mr. This particular macro deletes an entire row if there are any blank cells in the range that is specified in the VBA code.

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Your boss needs to get a rough idea of how these shares performed during 2014 before a meeting he has in half an hour.

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