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These were to be held in trust by the Corporation of Cork for the proprietors and citizens.

This committee which acquired the building from the government, was established by the Corporation under the 1877 Libraries and Museums Amendment Act.

She was the daughter of John Hillary of Greenhills near Drogheda, who married Mary Hely, niece of Rt. John Hely-Hutchinson, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin.

John Hillary's mother married a second time and shortly afterwards bound her son to a silversmith in Dublin. he was certainly resident in St Peter's parish by 1818 when he first appears as a warden in the records of that church.

One of Day's unfulfilled ambitions was that Caulfield's work would one day be drawn together and published under the auspices of the Society as a fitting memorial to its most prestigious forbear.

Unfortunately, apart from some reprints in the early years of the Journal, this has not as yet been achieved.

At this time its co-habitant, the School of Design, received a new wing under the benevolent patronage of William Crawford, and the Royal Cork Institution ceased to exist as the centre for cultural, technical and scientific learning it had set out to be.

Its ambition of being the 'Munster College' was subsumed by the Queen's College even though it continued to function as a centre of learning up to the 1880s.

An elderly pedestrian has been knocked down and killed in west Cork, writes Eoin English.

The man, 73, was walking along the R588 Fernhill road in Clonakilty, near its junction with Western Rd, at around 7.20pm when he was struck by a car.

Today the writings of archaeologists, historians and archivists dealing with aspects of the history of the landscape and people of this city and county owe a debt to Caulfield. In the true spirit of a scholarly librarian and man of learning his perspective was the total field of knowledge, his speciality that of the literary antiquary.

He took as his panorama the social, cultural and physical worlds of Cork's past and championed the ideals and objectives of the antiquarian society of which he was an outstanding member.

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251, January-December 1987 The history of higher learning in Cork can be traced from its late eighteenth-century origins to its present standing within the extended confines of the Neo-Gothic architecture of University College, Cork.

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