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The investment shift from enterprises to cloud service providers is a key enabler for next generation applications enabling these new best practices and business models…it also is the most fundamental change to the IT function since its inception in the 50ies of last century.”“In today’s social/mobile world, businesses have to move at the speed of their customers—and cloud computing’s the only way to achieve that.

One that supports true user distribution, while still keeping the business agile.

Cloud storage is the solution to the ever increasing demand for accessing data anywhere, from any device.

In 2015 we uncovered the top 100 cloud influencers and brands in our blog, and we were keen to revisit the topic to see how the list has changed since then.

We are moving past the man with the red flag walking as a warning in front of the car, to the point where even if people don’t have a car they have been in one or know someone who has!

We are into the period of acceptance, still with some nervousness around security and data governance, but a stage where the gain outweighs any perceived pain.

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It is business model innovation, enabled almost exclusively by cloud computing, that has delivered the other disruptive and value-laden 85%.”“Our world is moving to a subscription-based economy, and this means that industries are transforming their business models to embrace the subscription economy.

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