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You the submissive before entering a relationship should already have a list of rules in your mind that you would like to follow. What rules are going to benefit you you as a submissive ? These are some of the things that should be in your plan when meeting someone new.

Listen to me , because when you first meet someone and you already have your plan in place.

This will help you see things more clearly, and it just may help you understand your own little world. The difference between the two is a huge difference.

If your filling up the two last then something is wrong, and then and only then should you start to question yourself. You as the submissive has the right to speak up when things are not going as planned.

Most how ever do not think about the 30 days of submission until they have already entered the relationship.

If you are not allowed to speak your mind, or share your thoughts and feelings, then you have the wrong Dominant.It does not matter what is said prior to entering a relationship. Another good thing to do is write, not on a daily basis, or hourly but when you feel like it. This is your private get away place, your own little world.The book would be called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly .When asking questions make direct contact with his eyes, and make sure you get direct contact with yours.If his eyes are drifting or looking around, that is not a good sign.

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Now most will say before you meet, there will be no eye contact, you will address me as Sir. Again this is not the case because you do not know if this Dominant is for you.

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