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He added many online dating applications are start-ups and in the rush to get new applications out, and cybersecurity sometimes can be an afterthought.

Here are the top mistakes that consumers make when looking for love electronically and ways to avoid the pitfalls.

"Mobile platforms, like Android and [Apple's] i OS are still new and best practices are not yet established," said Patrick Wardle, director of research at cybersecurity company Synack.

To avoid stalking and other dangers, Wardle of Synack advises turning off geolocation from your mobile device's operating system, which usually can be navigated through a settings menu.

And if you opt to use a geolocation dating app, Wardle said to "assume you're being tracked," and as a precaution only to use the application while you are in a public place.

He also advised users against outing personal data tied to frequently used password security questions like your pet's names and high school mascots—data sometimes featured in online dating profiles.

And if you must reveal your pet name or school mascot, lie and don't publicly reveal details related to your digital passwords, Barlow explained.

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