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I hope you don't teach your children to give up so easily on everything they try, the world would be a very sad place if you did..

Don't bother completing your GCSE's at school if they are too tough just move on.

Hello So I am talking to a couple of girls FINALLY I managed to get a few replies so I am thankful of that atleast.So I am being engaging and flirty, yet charming and respectful in my messages and BOTH of these girls are writing back with 'lol' 'thanks' 'haha' and 'cool' as messages. I know people will instantly blame the message but it really isn't the case this time, I write a paragraph a time with humor, charm and flirtatiousness which I thought would be the ideal exchange. "I write a paragraph a time with humor, charm and flirtatiousness""So I am being engaging and flirty, yet charming and respectful in my messages"Sorry, but you may be being these thing in your messages, but "you" believe your a writing like this. Self proclaimed engaging, flirty, charming and respectful great self image, but other people may not perceive your messages like that. EDIT: "Please people stop with the easy to write bullsh*t of move on"Have a bit of a temper, do we?Sorry but what on earth am I supposed to reply with them. Just saying maybe your messages aren't as good as you think they are. Hey, you come on a public forum asking questions and demand only the answers you deem acceptable? hehe"I am looking for an explanation as to why they think one word answers is ok. This seems to be the only answer in these forums 'not interested move on'. this has got nothing to do with me but more so a lapse of wit and personality on there part...Apropos Geld werden Sie beide gewinnen Perspektive auf Ihre Zukunft helfen (tun Sie behalten möchten Frappuccinos zu kaufen oder ein Haus sparen? Offensichtlich gibt es nichts falsch mit dem Wunsch Ihre Karriere zu fördern, aber es gibt auch nichts falsch mit dem Wunsch Zeit mit der Person die TOP 5 Partnerbörsen im Internet verbringen Sie lieben.) Und wird Ihnen helfen, gemeinsam vorwärts bewegen. Diese Art von Kampf ist in der Regel ein Zeichen dafür , dass ein Partner wie er fühlt oder sie nicht genug Aufmerksamkeit bekommen. Sex ist ein integraler Bestandteil einer romantischen Beziehung, und wenn ein Paar nicht regelmäßig Sex dann haben sie eine verwundbare Stelle in ihrer Zweisamkeit getroffen.

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