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There are still "no fishing" signs along the waterways near the old site.

At this site and others, the EPA stepped in to help with the cleanup."The state has never had the adequate resources to regulate and control the polluters," Warren said.

There's now a ventilation system attached to Drey's home to remove the toxic vapors. Department of Environment and Natural Resources, there are 546 priority waste sites in the state on its larger list of about 1,900.

While work is under way at the site, that's not the case for thousands of others across the state. That doesn't include 1,358 other sites with dry cleaning contamination and landfills that predate the permitting process.

The site was first admitted into the program established by the Dry Cleaning Solvent Cleanup Act in 2006.

Now, a guy might talk about how another woman is hot randomly, and sometimes that can be innocent. Guys and their texting habits can be tricky, and you can’t use that to assess his level of interest. They get all wound up because some guy totally swept them off their feet. The problem is this particular guy flirts with every woman. In fact, I used to have a habit of calling women pet names like sweetheart, “hun,” and stuff like that.

However, if you notice that he not only talks about other women, but talks about liking a woman on more than just a physical level, or wanting to date her, then that’s a very clear sign he’s not interested in you. If he has ample opportunity to talk to you and never acts on it, that’s a sign he’s not interested. Negative body language cues include: avoiding eye contact, positioning his body away from you, not engaging in the conversation (non-verbal signs of this are him not smiling while talking to you, or not nodding and showing active interest in what you’re saying), maintaining distance from you, looking around the room while talking to you… He got her number, they had a charming conversation, she texts him and… I thought it was affectionate and nice, but I meant it in a platonic way. MORE: 11 Enormous Signs He’s Not Serious About You 9.

In general, giving a guy space and time to show his feelings is the best policy. If you notice a pattern like this, my advice is to get out of it!

The only major red flag is when it’s been many months (say, six or more) and any conversation around feelings has him saying he’s “not sure” or “doesn’t know” how he feels. He ignores you and/or shows you disrespect (putting down your values, thoughts, ideas). and unfortunately, some women get caught up in being the medium through which the guy works them out. I regret saying and doing some things I’ve done and said in relationships. OK, those are enough signs he does not like you to get you by.

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