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And with strong job growth and unemployment near 4 percent, consumers are, for the most part, expected to continue managing their card balances responsibly.

“It would not surprise me to see delinquencies start to rise slightly back toward normal levels, but we still haven’t seen any strong moves in that direction,” said James Chessen, chief economist at the American Bankers Association.

The Fed has indicated that three more quarter-point rate hikes are in store for 2018, but some analysts believe there could be more.

A new succession of APR rises could put a significant strain on tens of millions of Americans who carry card balances.

Year two isn’t as rich.” Fortunately for rewards hounds, five-figure point offers with generous travel perks will likely persist as long as issuers roll out new cards and chase new customers.

A study released in October 2017 by Auriemma Consulting Group found mobile payment usage has bounced up and down, with the most-recent trend downward, and that checkout line glitches may be to blame.

More consumers fell behind on their card payments, but with continued economic strength, the possibility of a delinquency epidemic seemed remote.

Banks and credit card issuers are attempting to bait tech-savvy cardholders with mobile-only rewards. Bank have also added extra rewards or cash back for mobile payments on some of their cards.For instance, Chase Freedom users will get 5 percent cash back when they pay with their mobile wallets in the first quarter of 2018. “In our research, we’ve seen that offering incentives is definitely a motivating factor for usage,” said Jaclyn Holmes, director of payment insights at Auriemma.“It seems to be a little more motivating for habitual usage as opposed to first-time trial.Other companies made strides to occupy consumers’ wallets by teaming up with red-hot brands such as Uber and ramping up rewards on dining and streaming media services.Meanwhile, mobile wallets – once thought to be a payment industry game-changer – took a step back, despite incentives designed to encourage more people to pay with their smartphones.

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And some banks tightened their credit standards and boosted their reserves against losses tied to consumer defaults in 2017.

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