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'I'm 27, gay, single, love young bs (boys)', Reale said.Mc Cormack replied: '28 gay single love young bs too.'Yummmm,' said Reale.But all the while he was keeping a secret stash of photos and videos of children 'engaging in sexual activity' - and sharing them with others.The teacher, then 27, and the Nine Network personality, 43, met over Skype instant messenger on April 30, 2015, court documents for Mc Cormack revealed.

This is Ben Mc Cormack's sick online chat buddy - a Catholic primary school teacher who fantasised about raping little boys as young as three.

He felt guilty about how his family and friends had been dragged into the mess.

'It's not your mess I've created, it's mine,' he wrote in a suicide note.

Paparazzi even crashed into his car as they tailed him.

Mc Cormack attempted suicide twice in the wake of the arrest.

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Mc Cormack stood sheepishly on the side of the highway in a navy suit as officers methodically took apart his car.

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