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Most of that record was about one girlfriend, we’d been together most of high school.It’s mostly about me leaving home to do all these shows, and dealing with that.“Somewhere in the middle of high school,” Day says, “I was like 16 or so—a sophomore maybe—I kind of made the executive decision to pursue the music career.

I found myself really liking it.” Original songs began making their way into his sets and that’s when the situation really opened up.I played the shows.” By 2000, Day had finished his independent debut, Australia, recorded in two- and three-song bursts throughout a year with producer Mike Denneen (Aimee Mann).It sold over 30,000 copies and won Best Debut Album at the 2001 Boston Music Awards.We ended up just killing that thing, so I ended up booking about 150 college gigs for the year after I graduated.So that gave me the choice: Did I want to go to college or go play all these shows?

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  1. In all seriousness, our relationship wasn’t that bad. I’m not saying that we aren’t sarcastic and standoffish… After about an hour-long drive, we finally got back home. The trees were covered in leaves, the grass slightly long. When you’re around a nice neighborhood like mine all the time when you’re little, you don’t appreciate the beauty of it. Even though we talked everyday, I yearned to hold her, to feel her soft body against mine, to stare into her loving brown eyes. I missed the way she laughed, the way she smelled, the way she tied me up and gave me a foot job. That’s why I spent 2 months driving around with the following CDs – a Metallica bootleg you couldn’t even understand due to shitty quality, Oasis, Presidents of the United States of America, and two Tantric albums. I had selected some Metallica and Avril Lavigne CDs for the ride.