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The administrative city contained approximately 2.45 million inhabitants as of the 2010 census.The Hushan Great Wall, the far eastern end of the Great Wall of China, is located here.On 20 January 1965, the city adopted its present name of Dandong, which means "red east," to avoid the connotations of its previous name, which was considered imperialistic by some.Recently, the city has been gaining influence in this region of China because of its market with North Korea and the government's future plans to develop the city into a special "Border Economic Cooperation Zone" for export and import in order to expand the country's ability to conduct trade.Later on, in the early Tang Dynasty (618–907), the Dandong region was under the jurisdiction of Andong Prefecture; in Liao Dynasty (916–1125), it was under the jurisdictions of the states Xuan, Kai, and Mu." means "pacifying the east", reflecting the power that China had over Korea at the time.After the start of the first Sino-Japanese War in 1894, Andong County was occupied by Japan.The area has long winters, and humid, somewhat hot summers belonging to the humid continental climate regime (Köppen Dwa).

The Manchu minority group has become so acculturated into the Han majority that there remains little or no distinction between the two, although a number of Manchu words have remained in the local lexicon.In the latest official census of 2000, Dandong's total resident population (which includes the districts of Zhenxing, Yuanbao and Zhen'an) was 780,414 people, while Dandong proper had a total population of 2.4 million.In 2005, the resident population was approximated to be 751,914 with a floating population of 176,926, for a total of 928,840.Dandong has therefore had a dynamic history because of its strategic location for the northeast's rich natural resources and because of its convenient access to the ocean.It is designated as a major export production centre for the province, and is a port city connected by rail with Shenyang and Sinuiju.

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