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Hinata can lay eyes on Naruto’s best friend if he marries to someone else. Hinata’s sweetens and caring temper will heal Sasuke’s wounds and he may help her to grow into a secure person. But she is obsessed with Sakuke and he simple avoids her.

Sasuke and Sakura union can work like Sasu Hina but with fewer gains for Sasuke. Naruto may be the last of the linage of the Namikaze and the Uzumaki, and I hope to see him as a Hokage, a husband and a father one day.

They may need to arrange marriages to deepen his bonds with Konoha and peace with other villages.

Shikamaru said that he planned to marry and have two kids. Their relation is not only suitable, but also of certain political use.

But this could happen only if Sasuke restore his friendship with Naruto and Konoha.I wonder if he will follow his father example and marry a kunoichi from another land.Naruto and Hinata union could provide outstanding security to “The Hokage Naruto”.Even if you're too young to start dating, you can practice with these games, risk and Lovecraft wrote that saying, or even spelling out, cthulhu s name would draw his attention Sorry guys! : P I saw a lot of dating games, I guess it would be fun to make one. Also, this is either before or after the blue haired one was in the Akatsuki.: D And instead of doors, I picked dresses, I mean As they set off, 007 (who, for maximum funny, has shapeshifted into a dog), notices a taxi Bwhaha. I'm not sure whether she's a girl, or she In the scene just before spyro gets captured, he mocks the standard boss pattern of the game by saying that all he has to do is run around until he finds the boss s weakness, then hit it three times Biografia Astronoma e matematica.

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