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The name “Michael Anti” is known by almost everyone who follows free speech issues.

Journalist 赵京, aka “An Ti”, became internationally famous when Microsoft blocked his Chinese-language politics blog hosted on their Spaces service.

Since the introduction of email in China – which Anti says became widespread in 1996 – mailing lists became incredibly important, often used as a space to trade “secret information about politics and religion.” These mailing lists, he points out, connect elites, not the mainstream.

He was – very briefly – a Chinese correspondent in Baghdad during the Iraq war, but had to leave when the newspaper he worked for was shut down by the government.

Chatrooms have existed in China since 1998, and they’re popular venues for spreading “sharp news”.

(Talking with Anti before his talk, he mentioned that he used to post articles to dozens of chat rooms, switching from one to another quickly, turning a one-to-one medium into a broadcast.) Email is also incredibly important as a space for disseminating political information.

Please file issues, bugs, and enhancement ideas there, when possible. It is the only chat room widget I found that was free, easy to customize with CSS and easy to install.

Pluginize was launched in 2016 by Web Dev Studios to promote, support, and house all of their Word Press products. Some additions for the future that would be great are to add a section with “currently online users”. Also, it would be cool if the chatroom have one main room and had different categories/chat rooms within the same widget. Thanks for your plugin, That’s what I need it, a simple and effective chat.

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He offers two reasons why blogs have social impacts: – Because you’re having an election, which means that public opinion matters, and blogs become a political mobilization tool – Because NGOs embrace them and use them to lobby for social change.

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