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The prisoners were brought to the farm on buses, some of them handcuffed and blindfolded.

They were then taken off the buses in groups of ten and led a short distance away, where the soldiers lined them up and shot them with automatic weapons, including both machine guns and pistols.

Yet, I’ve always been challenged and irked by what I don’t know. I've known her since her RA diagnosis at age 17 years.

And for the last 7 years, she’s matured into a fabulous young woman who has adeptly grown her professional life, her dating life and developed her independence, despite her severely active rheumatoid arthritis.

According to estimates by soldiers who took part in the killing, and by a few people who survived by pretending to be dead, the massacre went on for 10 hours.

At a subsequent trial of one of the soldiers, a witness told the court that the commander of the force had ordered the military drivers and policemen present to kill at least one person each, so that they would not be tempted to testify against the soldiers who carried out the bulk of the killings.

He knows that the Israeli society is riddled with war criminals and mass murderers.

”Cvetkovic’s defense lawyer Vadim Shub said yesterday that Israel has never extradited citizens on charges of genocide, "and we do not think this is a proper place to begin.”Shub obviously plucked the right string.

In remarks to Israel's Army Radio, Shub insightfully suggested that extraditing Cvetkovic could set a precedent for the prosecution abroad, of numerous Israeli officials and military personnel."The perpetrator of the first genocide in Europe since the Holocaust shed some tears at Jerusalem’s district court.

He was not sorry for his victims; he was sorry for being caught.

The Crown family is connected to both the JFK murder and 9/11 cover-ups.

Susan Crown's maternal grandfather owned the Ambassador Hotel when Bobbie Kennedy was killed there.

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  1. Then they keep going out together alone — an intense and isolated romance — until finally, at a big, dramatic moment in the relationship, they introduce one another to their parents. But pursuing this kind of reckless, self-contained relationship is inconsistent with the counsel of Scripture.