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My buddy Jimmy and I would tape the entire 4 hour show each day.

Each evening we would listen to the bits and decide which ones were "keepers".

But everytime I say that I will not go out on a Friday night to stay in and do homework I always give in and end up going out even harder! I worked all day and then volunteered at an art opening- spending the whole evening serving wine and macking on this cutie in suspenders, holla!

But I was totally c-blocked by this other crazy dude and lost my little cutie. After the event was over we headed to a chill bar and decided that we must patronize the newest place in town- Dammit Janet. Then I looked at Jason Lewis and said “what suspenders?

There will be FAQ sessions and more tips and tricks on attraction coaching.

Once more dinner will be served and we will hit the night scene again.

To make sure you go to the right clubs without wasting time on research, you make a booking with us and we take you around.

Martini Time Sign Off4 Martini Times Redneck Song Grease lets us know what its like when a Redneck goes on vacation. Estelle Estelle calls from her vacation and Nino has bad news.

Grease's Children from all over the world come together. 21 Year old inherits 100 Million Grease goes to Florida to find the girl of his dreams.

Attraction Coaching is for guys who have no confidence or low confidence in approaching woman.

Pleasure Tours Singapore offers a Attraction Coaching Session WITH a guided night out on the pub scene here in Singapore.

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  1. She's one of my best friends so I'd appreciate it if you didn't say anything insulting towards her. :)And I actually do have a life, thank you very much. I don't appreciate you commenting on this either, if you have a comment please PM me, don't make it public. I was super creeped out by that, but my computer stuffed up and I couldn't disconnect, so I kept drinking invisibility potions until I could disconnect. This blog isn't so much to say that you should never date on minecraft (but I still don't suggest it) but to tell people how it isn't safe. Submission Rulesthen you would say that you would need to go to spawn, cause you are saying : what you shouldn't do : don't go to spawn.

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