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Once I was done, I left my wife to serve the food, while I took the exit door and went in through the front door, pretending I was at a neighbour’s.Complimenting my wife, they ate the food and left soon after.“Yes ma we changed our wardrobes and doors to Emilinks”. No one could open our wardrobes without our permission again.“Our in law we want fisherman’s soup today,” Aunty Mercy said, addressing my wife. After a series of miscarriages, my wife was once again pregnant, and we were trying to keep the news to ourselves.

I just smiled within me and and thought that if not for my Emilinks doors, kitchen cabinets and wardrobe I would also be in this position at a critical period of economic recession like this.

*** How to participate in the N3,000,000 Giveaway Be sure to find out more about Emilinks and explore the brand via the following channels.

Website – – @emilinksng Facebook – Emilinks NG Abbreviated Terms & Conditions Participants can enter as many times as possible Entries reset each day at 10AM West African Time, therefore a new entry is required each day 10 Winners will be Chosen per Day For social media entries, no Direct Messages permitted, only via Open/Public pages For entries on Bella Naija, ensure you include an active email address in the email box Winners will be chosen by an in-house judging panel Assessment will be based on the photo and/or the story Participants can only win ONCE during the 30 Day period There is no entry fee for participation Participants must be over 18 years old at time of entry Winners can be based worldwide, however, MUST have a valid Nigerian bank account Money will be paid via local bank transfer For due diligence, list of participants names confirmed via bank account will be kept on record List of winners’ social media handles and BN usernames will be published Winners are encouraged to share news of their win via social media **** Here’s the list of our 10 lucky winners!

When I had my first daughter, her growing up was cool, easy and less stressful.

I never appreciated the importance of having a good, durable kitchen door, wardrobe and cabinet from a worldwide supplier like #Emilinks# until I had my second son.

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