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Gayheart has been a regular on the 1999 television series Wasteland, Dead Like Me, and Vanished, and had a recurring role on Nip/Tuck.

In 1999, Gayheart starred in the movie Jawbreaker with Rose Mc Gowan, Julie Benz, and Judy Greer as girls in an exclusive clique in their high school.

Gayheart's break into the television industry was a series of television commercials for Noxzema in the early 1990s, earning her the moniker "The Noxzema Girl".

The commercials began airing in 1991 and brought her recognition.

(This was also referred to at the end of the film Urban Legend, when one of the new college students remarks, "And Brenda [Gayheart's character] was the Noxzema Girl.") In 1992, Gayheart was cast in her first major role on the soap opera Loving as Hannah Mayberry.

She has also had roles on the television series Dead Like Me, Vanished, and Nip/Tuck.Although the story of how they got married on a dare would seem like a recipe for disaster, they are still together almost 10 years later and have two daughters.Despite their marital bliss — it hasn't been without scandal.I just got to a point where I realized I needed help.I got into therapy."And a few years after she began dating Dane in 2004 she told People, "I feel lucky I found him.

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Rebecca and I have always gotten along really well. I'm the last guy that should be giving people advice on love, that's for sure.

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