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While at the studio, Kandi's Dad makes a rare appearance to offer his thanks for bringing Kandi closer to her holy roots, and Porsha can't seem to convince Kordell that she can have it all: a charity, a career, and a family. I knew when I decided to do it that a lot of people would be shocked, since I often talk about sex, have an adult toy line (Bedroom Kandi), and host a sex and relationships internet show (Kandi Koated Nights).Rumor has it, Porsha’s new boo, use to date rapper Eve.We did some additional digging and it appears that Teodoro was involved in some legal issues involving the IRS.Weekend.”In the midst of spending all this time with the widowed father of three, Imani found time to tweet sexy bikini photos referencing a pending trip to St. If her prospects of marriage are as likely as the source implies the sexy tweet may have reduced her chances.“If she seriously wants to be with him and plans to become the First Lady of his church, the last thing she needs to be doing is tweeting risqué photos of herself, said the source. ”Other reports have surfaced that there’s little truth to the relationship.

She was also by his side when he co-hosted the Stellar Gospel Awards in Nashville over Martin Luther King Jr.It's showtime for Cynthia's Miss Renaissance pageant and Kenya wants to be part of it.Meanwhile, Phaedra invites Chef Roble to cook up some aphrodisiacs for a titillating dinner with Apollo, Kandi and Todd, just as Kandi prepares to record her duet with Gospel great Marvin Sapp.The spiritual leader with two churches, who travels the world ministering to people, stopped by our office to give some advice to those looking for love.In a world filled with men giving unsolicited advice to single women on how to snag a man, it was refreshing to hear practical, empowering things women can do to make sure the guy is right.

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