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Is there something wrong with me that I only attract losers?I finally broke down and bought a couple of dating books.Anyway, read it along the way, as you would a drink a delightful sparkling wine on a hot day. As a newly single woman, I found much of this book informative and helpful.After a 18 year marriage, and a 5 year long term relationship, I suddenly, and reluctantly, found myself out in the singles world again.Most of all, I really enjoyed the author's writing style and witty asides. Lastly, can I point out that she has coined one of the most delightful phrases I've ever come across? Check out my other reviews for the flip side of the coin.This book is a must read for anyone over 50 who is finding themselves without their life partner because of divorce, death, or other change of circumstance. After the grief subsides and the partners clothes are packed away, should you wish for another chance at love, you'll probably need to wade or dive into the dating pool.While Sills addresses the ugly truths that older women have to work harder than men to find eligible partners, she argues that courtship, companionship and sex are all available, especially if women remain open to a wide variety of partners who are not necessarily prospects for love.

Forty years old and fresh out of a 19 year long marriage.As a 30-something divorcee with no children, who is the one who initiated the divorce, I found much of the information to be fairly mundane.By and large it seems like it was written of a woman who more or less gave up her independence and identity for her family. Getting Naked Again is not just about the fear we have of "getting naked again", it's so much more.I came across this book in the Recommended Reading section of "Get Over the Guilt" by Macy Kayne."Get Over the Guilt", as well as some of the other books Ms. The information is helpful, but it is definitely aimed at a much older divorcee or widow.

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