Consolidating student loans bankruptcy

Student loans can fund your education, but things don’t always work out when it’s time to repay those loans.

Then, you just make one monthly payment until the debt is gone.However, some private lenders offer attractive terms, so you’ll have to evaluate the risks and benefits of both types of loans.With loan rehabilitation, you’ll keep your existing loans – but you’ll get them out of default after getting back on track with payments.Your loan goes into default after you go 270 days without making a payment, and you lose eligibility for certain benefits (like deferment, forbearance, and forgiveness) while in default.Generally you have to make 10 successful monthly payments to remove the default status.

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Of course, you don’t actually the amount of debt – you just shift it around. You might be able to get a lower (more affordable) monthly payment – surprisingly low in some cases.

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