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The 30-year-old beauty hits the stage in 'Le Corsaire' at the Metropolitan Opera House Tuesday, but her star turn is just one of a string of firsts and a fascinating life story she brings along with her.For starters, Copeland, a native of San Pedro, California, grew up in extreme poverty.18.) Catch the subway into Brooklyn to visit one of the happiest (and oldest) places on earth: Coney Island.Whether you feel like traversing the boardwalk, taking a ride on the infamous Cyclone rollercoaster, or visiting the Coney Island aquarium, you'll thoroughly enjoy yourself at this staple of New York culture.

Crystal Crater contains a three-story tree complete with 300-square foot "Window to Mars" offering views of the restaurant below.Either way, a first date is your chance to show her what you're made of.If you're fortunate enough to live in or near New York City, consider yourself lucky.Get your pictures taken with A-list celebrities, interact with the singing, dancing and talking statue of Jennifer Lopez, or audition for "American Idol" in front of Simon Cowell.8.) The Museum of Modern Art (Mo MA) features over 150,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, books, photographs and films.

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Take a walk through the habitats of monkeys, polar bears, parrots, pandas and more.

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