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The calalai are assigned female at birth but take on the roles of heterosexual males.They dress and present themselves as men, hold masculine jobs and typically live with female partners to adopt children.Their fashions and gender expression are distinctly feminine but do not match that of "typical" cis-gendered women.If there is to be a wedding in Bugis society, more often than not calabai will be involved in the organization.None of these suggestions will work by themselves, and none will work immediately (usually).Work with your rabbits every day, for at least twenty minutes or so a day, and when you’re not working with them, keep them in eye contact of each other..

Many of the calls we receive are from well-meaning rabbit caregivers who bring a new rabbit home, put him with their existing rabbit, and think all will be fine.

In our neutered domestic companions, hormonal causes may be absent, but territorial behavior still exists.

Thus, when introducing new rabbits, territory must be considered and used to your advantage.

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