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But they can get a handjob from another patient while you watch? It's evening in December, so the place will be packed. His eyes light up when he sees she got what he wanted. " It was true; the grown-up pajamas all looked like things you'd dress a toddler in. We can hide in plain sight, baby, " Mark laughs wickedly. How much did her Daddy need to set the scene, anyway? It's just enough to let Mark (and those nearest to them) know that he delights her. Jenni grins; she can tell he's trying to play it cool, but that he's wanted this badly for a long time. She walks to him and he encloses them in the round curtain that holds in some of the steam and heat. He abandons the cloth when he gets to her breasts to use those "big mitts" that are anything but clumsy. " "Yes, Daddy." He'd obviously envisioned doing this because he rinses her hair with a bowl he fills with fresh warm water so she doesn't end up with a soap film. Jenni's waiting for him to get undressed and join her but he asks instead: "Do ya wanna stay in while I make your dinner? She didn't even bathe enough as she should, but that was mostly the dying habit of a depressed person.

"You know, you could text him to check in..." "Tom, I can't. As sensible as that sounds, shrinks aren't supposed to be texting their patients." "Silly me. Whatever you want, Daddy." "Man, I could get used to that." They arrive at Target of all places. She almost expected him to have disappeared, but Mark is still there with the cart, waiting like any ordinary boyfriend dragged to Target. " "Isn't it funny how everyone seems to want little kid-looking stuff, even if they aren't like us? "It's 'Daddy,' sweetheart," he says in a low tone and spanks her butt as they walk behind the cart. There's no way they are going to have the patience to play games other than the most perverse. " "She likes mac n' cheese, veggie chicken nuggets, and tater tots." Those items go in the cart along with some bags of frozen vegetables. "Maybe a hot bath first for my girl, then I feed ya, then I fuck ya... We might have to do things in reverse and have dessert first tonight." Jenni squeals like the little girl she is, but quietly. "It smells like art in here." The place smells strongly of turpentine and linseed oil. "It don't look like anything yet." "I can tell you're good. She wonders how much of Mark the outside world gets to observe through these windows. Let me wash you," he commands like he's trying out a new voice-activated toy. There ya go." Jenni lowers herself all the way in and Mark meditatively washes her back. I know you'd stop cuttin' it if I told ya, am I right about that? Bet ya don't get to soak livin' with roommates." It was true.

A woman had a major muscle moment at a Philadelphia Soul Arena League Football game April 12 when she upstaged a fellow fan – a man – in the stands on the Flex Cam.

The Welsh striker, 28, met up with his lover behind the back of his wife and former Miss Scotland finalist Haley Bartlett.

She claims that Robson-Kanu initially begged her to visit his £1.8million mansion in Ascot, Berkshire.

He shares the home with his wife Haley, 28, who is heiress to multimillion-pound potato farming giants Albert Bartlett Group.

"It is entirely inconsistent with our commitment to fostering equality and inclusion in every workplace.

It's simply not OK to belittle anyone based on gender.

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