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By examining The Daily Show, Zinser reveals both positive and negative impacts that “fake” news could have on society.As a result, Zinser concludes that there are benefits as well as potential problems with “fake” news programs but insists that the true challenge is determining the net impact on society....[tags: Jason Zinser essay, vices and virtues ] - Swine flu or H1N1 is a global issue called pandemic, but in the United States has been considered a serious problem among society.Swine flu is a respiratory illness very similar to flu symptoms and fever, and it is common in pigs.We’re more excited than ever to focus on building the next generation of iconic brands and life-changing products.

Anyway, for weeks my boy had been begging for me to please leave him somewhere, anywhere, and let him try to figure out how to get home on his own. And no, I didn’t trail him, like a mommy private eye.

So on that sunny Sunday I gave him a subway map, a Metro Card, a bill, and several quarters, just in case he had to make a call. I trusted him to figure out that he should take the Lexington Avenue subway down, and the 34th Street crosstown bus home.

If he couldn’t do that, I trusted him to ask a stranger.

And then I even trusted that stranger not to think, “Gee, I was about to catch my train home, but now I think I’ll abduct this adorable child instead.”Long story longer, and analyzed, to boot: Half the people I’ve told this episode to now want to turn me in for child abuse.

As if keeping kids under lock and key and helmet and cell phone and nanny and surveillance is the right way to rear kids. It’s debilitating — for us and for them.“Carlie Brucia — I don’t know if you’re familiar with that case or not, but she was in Florida and she did a cut-through about a mile from her house …

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There are only two kinds of drugs to treat the swine flu, Tamiflu and Relenza....

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