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After a date or few, you sleep together and feel like there’s an amazing ‘connection’.

Experience has also taught me that people who claim to ‘change their mind’ and say nothing, weren’t genuinely in the market for something more.Picture this (adopts Sophia from Golden Girls voice): You’re attracted to someone.You think they’re funny, clever, witty, they embody all of the physical qualities that you like, and seem to share a few of your common interests and possess a similar outlook.It can also allow them to be uninhibited because they feel like they can let their real sexual self hang out because they don’t care.They feel like they have no responsibilities and you’re just this sexual plaything, which can be pretty damn degrading.

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  1. Just like with any place you go, you have your good guys and your bad guys.” “During my first couple of years here, I encountered a lot of guys whose interest in me came purely from the fact that I was foreign.