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It sounded sooo easy.thanks for all your help, sorry im still stuck. it's a little early in the morningcurrent Hours = ( current Hours == 0 ) ? After testing this code I noticed the memory of the browser session was being eaten up because the update Clock function you've assigned via set Interval calling the javascript function, keeps a live reference to everything that was in-scope of the function call during that function call (whether it uses it or not).

Dis Hi good morning, I like the script, but I was wondering how I can add a leading 0 (zero) for hours from to i.e. This keeps all variables in the update Clock function alive in memory until it's eaten all memory possible and not releasing the reference.

Hope this helps somebody trying to achieve a active clock on your web page without killing memory on the client.[Edited by bobbyhabib on 24-Aug-13 ] var d = new Date(); var date = Date(); var month = Month(); var montharr =["Jan","Feb","Mar","April","May","June","July","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec"]; month=montharr[month]; var year = Full Year(); var day = Day(); var dayarr =["Sun","Mon","Tues","Wed","Thurs","Fri","Sat"]; day=dayarr[day]; var hour =Hours(); var min = Minutes(); var sec = Seconds(); Element By Id("date").inner HTML=day " " date " " month " " year; Element By Id("time").inner HTML=hour ":" min ":" sec;if you have any problem then here is a complete tutorial on demo you guys who like spamming your 'solutions' could get up to date, it would be nice. In the article you mentioned "You might like to try putting the various time components in separate span containers, so that you can style them individually."I'm extremely new at this and have actually (surprisingly) gotten everything else to work except, I would love to be able to display the hours, minutes and seconds under separate div or span tags in order to modify them individually using css. Keep in mind I'm a complete noob and would love as step by step instructions as you possibly have patience for. I apologize in advance if it's very long and dirty...Element By Id("hours").first Value = current Hours;Element By Id("minutes").first Value = current Minutes;Element By Id("seconds").first Value = current Seconds; matt, Thanks so much for the help. Without having to re-write all the code and clean everything up to make up for my novice discrepancies, The quickest and easiest thing was to create a separate update function for each component in the clock and displaying them that way.I think the problem is that I have all the date and weather functions combined on one thing and they're not the most efficiently written as I was figuring it out as I went along.The date I'm loading into the variable is formatted as follows: '2011,06,23,09,18,23'.I have tested by hardcoding in those values and still get invalid date. What I am trying to accomplish is to load a date with date and time values to start my clock. Edit: Never mind my question, I already figured it out when I came back with my coffee.. // Pad the hours, minutes and seconds with leading zeros, if required current Minutes = ( current Minutes The way the javascript is written causes resources of the clock not to be free and stay alive in memory.

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