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The remnants of the Mlechha later establish new kingdoms; the Kachari kingdom at Khaspur and the Chutiya kingdom at Sadiya.Kamarupa takes over the bulk of their former territory.The same sources erroneously place the last of the Mlechha kings, Tyagasimha, in the Kamarupa list at about 970-990.(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.) According to the copperplates issued by his successors, the Chandra king, Kalyanachandra, makes his power felt in Gauda and Kamarupa.He may be responsible for delivering the final blow to Kamboja power in northern and western Bengal and thereby paving the way for the revival of Pala power under Mahipala I.India of AD 900 was remarkably unchanged in terms of its general distribution of the larger states - only the names had changed, although now there was a good deal more fracturing and regional rule by minor states or tribes (click on map to view full sized) Information on the Kamarupa kings becomes very sketchy and confusing from this point.They emerged as kings at roughly the same time as the Kamata kingdom in Assam.They gained control of the territory which had very recently belonged to the now-extinct Varman kings.

The Mlechha (or Mlechchha) kings were local natives of long standing, pre-dating many of the later arrivals, including any Indo-Europeans (Aryans) in the region.The dating for these kings is shown differently in some sources, with the names of the first six kings being unrecorded and Brahmapala reigning about 990-1010.The subsequent order is the same down to Dharmapala, who is shown reigning about 1095-1115.(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.) Naraka Kings The Naraka were another semi-mythical dynasty in Assam, as were the Danava before them.Similarly, they are only mentioned in Hindu literature, with no external confirmation, although there is probably a basic truth in the existence of a powerful dynasty of kings around whom later legends were built.

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The first Naraka king, Narakasura, killed the last of the Danava kings and claimed his territory, founding a dynasty which was probably aboriginal.

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