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It specialised in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai boxing, boxing, yoga, anti-gravity fitness and cross fitness and hosted top athletes in those fields, including legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao in 2014.The club’s most high-profile trainer and fighter, Alberto Mina, said his heart was broken because Epic had made his dream come true – competing in the world-renowned Ultimate Fighting Championship.The club’s operations director, Joey Lee, said by email the decision to cease operations “came about very suddenly”.Branches of struggling California Fitness shut down across Hong Kong Clark Wang, who was among Epic members picking up their belongings from one of its three Central gyms on Tuesday – there is another Epic gym in Tung Chung – said: “We are all quite shocked.Epic MMA Club is not the first Hong Kong fitness chain to run into trouble.In 2016, a Hong Kong court ordered the winding up of the parent company of shuttered gym chain California Fitness after the group failed to pay off the debt owed to a renovation company.

That broke my heart,” said Mina, who is now living and training in Los Angeles.After high-end mixed martial arts club where boxing legend Manny Pacquiao trained shutters its Hong Kong gyms, members collect belongings and say they’ll miss the Epic community as they fill in liquidators’ claim forms Epic MMA Club, Hong Kong’s first high-end mixed martial arts club, has closed its doors, leaving hundreds of members potentially out of pocket.A notice from liquidators for Epic posted on Monday in a Facebook group chat said the company had gone into liquidation.I trained last night from 6.30-7.30pm and when I got home at 8.30pm my Whats App lit up with messages.” Wang, a member for almost five years, added: “It’s just really disappointing.The biggest blow is the loss of community.” It was a comment fellow members echoed.

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Que Dang said: “It’s the loss of community, not the loss of money, that’s most upsetting.” He speculated rising rents had played a part in the club’s closure, saying: “I don’t know the full story here at Epic but I do understand what rental prices are like and a place like this in Central ...

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