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I had this problem because a dll I was using had Sqlite as a dependency (configured in Nu Get with only the Sqlite core package.). Core package as a dependency (with Nu Get) to the project you are building/running and the dll-s will be copied. It was working, and when a colleague submitted his changes, I received the "Unable to load DLL 'SQLite. Diffing the project's .csproj file, this was in the NON-WORKING version: My Scenario: I have 2 projects in my solution; a WPF app, and a class library. My development computer already had it loaded because it came with Visual Studio, so that's why it worked, there. Since I cared only about x86 environment, I set the CPU preference to that and copied SQLite.The project compiles and copies all the Sqlite dll-s except the 'SQLite. The WPF app references the class library, and the class library references SQLite (installed via Nuget). Download: Visual C Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015: https:// id=53587 As the SQLite wiki says, your application deployment must be: So you need to follow the rules. I had problems with application deployment, so I just added right SQLite. A better way would be to use the method by @Wil, but how do you specify this for "Any CPU" configuration? The testing was exhaustive on 3 computers, 2 servers one dev PC. from the Nuget package to the root directory of the solution. HTH, Formentz I've struggled with this for a long time, and, occasionally, I found that the test setting is incorrect. I ported over all of its associated directories and files, directly from my "Debug" folder to this other computer when I got the same error as the OP when I ran it. This way the Click Once publishing tool automatically includes these files and folders in the manifest and deploys the software with them even if it is an old post, I'd like to share the solution that I found here: If you don't want to read all the issue, the solution is to copy the file "msvcr100.dll" (that can be found in Windows\System32 directory) in the same path as SQLite. I would advice to read the issue to understand why, and to include the file in your setup but to install it only if the error occurs, I made it an optional component selectable in the setup options. I don't know why this has not been included yet, but I had to do the research and find this out for myself, so hopefully someone will find this answer and be saved the trouble. It worked fine on my Dev box, but did not work on the computer where I was copying it and got the error. The solution to have it work after deployment using Click Once was to create in the startup project of the solution (also the one being published) these two subfolder, copy into them the DLLs and set them as Content Copy Always.

One way round this is to do the above once update the references etc and then save this as your own custom VS template.Therefore, it is good practice to double-check the selected build platform against the operating system prior to attempting to run a managed project in the solution.This screenshots shown in this guide are based on VS2012 and the last stable release of the developer toolkit with CRM 2013. Combine(app Path, libdir)); I had a similar issue in a multiple projects solution. was necessary for one of the plugins distributed with the software using Click Once.I then did a I had to add the versions provided with the Nu Get package as additional files in NCrunch configuration. In NCrunch configuration I added the following path in "Additional files to include" under the unit test projects settings: Existing Item... When compiling and running a solution from within Visual Studio that uses the System. SQLite project (including the test project), it is very important to select the correct build configuration and platform.

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