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Koranic influence is apparent in the story of the Flood of Noah.

Greek influence appears in the myth of Persephone and the Fables of Aesop.

Again, where we find Phoenicians being traced anywhere, Dan was among them.

To conclude this, to this day the Portuguese laugh at the traditional story of Columbus.

They themselves had mapped Newfoundland and Nova Scotia by 1424 and their knowledge seems to have been based on centuries of transatlantic navigation.

The big question, besides who were they originally, is where did they disappear to between 1250-1300? f Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina, including the Lumbee Indians, are unique. Gillespie relates Caesar's difficulty in driving the Melungeons from their island stronghold in 52 B. Henriette Mertz, in Atlantis, Dwelling Place of the Gods, presents the case for immigration by Christian Portuguese to Florida in 734 to escape the Moors.

His studies conclude that the Black portion turns out to be Portuguese; also, none of them are Indians. Anthropologists studied a sample, 177 people from Hanthingy County, Tennessee, and Lee County, Virginia, and the results showed the Melungeons to be Caucasian: more like Portuguese than English, with negligible input from Blacks or Indians.

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