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Him: Anesthesiologist who looks like your freshman-year roommate with the thinning hair and the Dave Matthews obsession. Him: Guitarist for Good Charlotte who still wears his baseball caps backward at age thirty-eight. Another theory: Sometimes—rarely—that bad-boy mystique slays well past high school. Without a doubt, many men believe having a beautiful woman is the ultimate status symbol. Whether your goal is to tie the knot or simply dating beautiful women, your strategy will be the same. Hundreds of single rich men are vying for the attention of the very same 5 % of the ladies you wish to attract.But I quickly gleaned that life spent in the company of a self-serving simpleton is no life at all. Yes, we started out shallow, now we're here: As women mature, we rarely see our partner's appearance as a measure of our own value, in stark contrast to those men who try to distract us from their deep-seated insecurities by dragging an extra-shiny, much-hotter lady friend around with them like an overpriced designer handbag.

Consider arranging a driver to come pick her up at her home.

Are high-quality, superfine, megasuccessful men so rare that superlative women are forced to settle?

Do smoking-hot women, having been subjected to decades of douche bros pointing out their smoking hotness every few milliseconds, naturally embrace nonhotness as a means of subverting the dominant paradigm, à la Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett?

In order to examine the gender/looks gap firsthand, just find your nearest gaggle of middle-aged humans: The ladies all look like they've just rubbed fancy emulsions into their crow's feet after having jogged ten miles to the chia-seed buffet (because they probably did).

The guys mostly look like Gary Busey after a three-day doughnut-and-bourbon bender. Like many of us—on every point along the gender spectrum—I spent my formative years experimenting with just how much stupidity, selfishness, and humorlessness I could tolerate for the sake of dating hotties.

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