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David “Decay” King, founder and operator of Death Guild, is now 41 and has seen goth kids come and go, often growing into “elders” themselves.

“One woman has been coming to the club so long, she now has a son who’s old enough to come,” King says.

It now incorporates styles like steampunk (think H. Aging right along with the scene are many of the people who got it started.“But I really think it’s part of the evolution of goth. Aging with grace “Stereotypical signifiers of gothdom may not always be appropriate for us black-clad eccentrics, especially the ones celebrating their 21st birthday multiple times,” she says. But sometimes you have to accept that maybe the swirly eye look isn’t right for you anymore.There is a difference between charmingly ghoulish and looking like you fell face-first into your makeup box.” But she cautions not to give up romantic goth ways just because of age.Forget about being single, as with Cupid you can meet your true love.You can communicate with Gothic singles online whenever and wherever you want.

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“And there isn’t any cutoff date for that.” Yes, this is goth, the same genre outsiders considered a mere fad in the ’80s and ’90s, associating it — sometimes justifiably — with moody teenagers wearing black.

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