There is no way back to the old good days when the young people tried to trick their parents and teachers and smuggle a few of cigarettes in the pocket or to simply steal one kiss of their first love.

The forgotten gatherings behind the school, hide and seek in the forest or consuming forbidden alcoholic drinks when the adults aren’t around is just a memory, almost like a reflection on the jurassic parc.

The first category is trying to fit into the chain of ridiculous situations and the second category is actually the one which is creating the chaos because boredom is not allowed. As parents, we do not have many choices but to accept that system has own modus operandi of growing up for our beloved children but that doesn’t mean that we do not need to control the grabbing hands of that system and lucrative nature of the content it offers.

Unfortunately, the family cell is destroyed and that is the base of chaotic social schemas we are witnessing nowadays.

The society is concerned about the negative influence of social networks on the youth.

It is not anymore about the never-ending posting of selfies without knowing yourself or about the clips and videos that no one will really understand, it is about the dark side of the online growing up, online trending and following the all illusions of the imagined menu of being accepted in the club.

The problem itself is not just those who could possibly endanger our teenagers by trapping them and abducting them for private or commercial misuse.The problem comes directly from teen groups that could freely endanger individuals among them or turn that individual into the victim.We know what has happened to isolated and condemned teenagers that have committed suicide after they have been for months terrorized by the school colleges on the social media.After consuming alcohol and drugs, the sexual relations get new color, the taste of risk.They have sex with each others but none there is sure whats happening after that night.

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