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This post attempts to set the record straight: these claims are bogus. Pre-election polls suggested the AKP would earn around 40% of the vote, which proved spot on.(The link there is an article from May 28, which I cited in my pre-election post.) The Turkish electoral system is sufficiently proportional (although only modestly so) that a leading party with around 40% of the votes would be highly unlikely to get a majority of seats–UNLESS there were sufficient numbers of wasted votes for parties falling below the threshold.

In other words, HDP, according to such an argument, may have benefited from strategic voting by voters who wanted to ensure it got 10%.Travel is now permitted for 27.5 metre long B-double combinations on the PBS Level 3A network, from the border to Dublin, via the Eyre Highway, Victoria Parade (Port Augusta), Augusta Highway, Port Wakefield Highway and Carslake Road in Dublin.Livestock and Rural Transporters Association SA President David Smith said end of cross loading at the border could save up to three hours.ALRTA raised this issue during a meeting of the in September 2016 and subsequently wrote to NHVR formally requesting that the matter be included on the NHVR’s work program for 2017.NHVR commenced formal consultation in September 2017 and ALRTA lodged a detailed submission on behalf of our members in response.

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That threshold is set at 10%, and applied nationwide, in spite of all seats being allocated in 85 multi-member districts.

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