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Chapel This chapel is situated in the old Jesuit College which later became the University and then the Lyceum.

Work continued throughout the 17th century but the 2 storey early baroque facade of the church still looks incomplete. This Oratory contains a 1630 miraculous Crucifix very popular with the Maltese. Our Lady of Carmel The original church of 1573 on the plan by Gerolamo Cassar was altered by Giuseppe Bonavia and enlarged in recent history by the building of a new shell around the original.

After being deconsecrated for a long time, in 2006 it was restored and opened up as a facility for Civil Marriages, thus bringing upon the authorities the ire of most Catholic Maltese. This palace built by Knight Fra Pietro de Rocca, was rented out to Knights and dignitaries.

It was afterwards owned by the Noble Maltese family of Messina being purchased by the German-Maltese Circle in 1975.

Our Lady of Damascus Melkite Greek Rite Giovanni Calamia had planned to build two shrines in the new city of Valletta to venerate the two Greet icons which his family brought with it from Rhodes.

The building of one of these churches had already started during his lifetime, but he did not live long to see its completion. The executors of his last will however proceeded with this work and this church was ready in 1580.

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