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To play live it's fabulous, but it has one flaw - it's a bit noisy and has spring reverb...

: PIt's a 4-stringer with sunburst finish, agathis body, medium high frets, the pickups are DX-P and DX-J (from factory), it has an equaliser inside (Phat EQ) and uses chrome hardware.

If you play it clear, has a distinguished personality, a great sustain, and has a unique 'voice'.

Distorted, shows its other side, a powerful soul, and a clear, razor-sharp response.

These differences reflect variations in the timing and amount of Greenland ice load change since the last glacial maximum, as well as non-Greenland processes, notably the collapse of the Laurentide forebulge and also changes in ice equivalent sea-level.

Possible environmental variables influencing the fossil chironomid assemblages are discussed using a modern Norwegian calibration data set to indicate taxon–environment relationships.

I use it for bass and voice too, although there is equipment available for that kind of function.

This little blue toy allows players to get rid of the use of mikes to capture those "noisy" amplifiers.

All in all, it's an Ibanez, which means it's damn good! Usually I connect the bass directly to the mixing console (sometimes through the multi effects pedal).

The simplest amplifier there is for electric bass guitar. This is a multi-effects pedal which means that it applies different, various effects to an electric guitar signal (at the same time or not), like Chorus, Reverb, Flanger, Wah, Distortions and Overdrives, Acoustic Simulator, etc.

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